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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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BIF100 Introduction to Aquatic Medicine and Aquaculture Spring 2017
BIF100 Introduction to Aquatic Medicine and Aquaculture Autumn 2017
BIO201 Ecology Spring 2017
BIO250 Palaeoecology Autumn 2017
BIO301 Current Topics in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Spring 2017
ENERGI101 Introduction to Energy Resources and Consumption Autumn 2017
ENERGI200 Energy Resources and Use Autumn 2017
FARM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis Autumn 2017
GEOV111 Geophysical Methods Spring 2017
GEOV231 Marine Geological Field-and Laboratory Course Spring 2017
GEOV272 Seismic Interpretation Spring 2017
GEOV301 Geostatistics Spring 2017
GEOV322 Master Level Field Excursion in Quaternary Geology Spring 2017
GEOV326 Quaternary environments, processes and development Spring 2017
GEOV331 Palaeoceanography Spring 2017
GEOV352 Field Methods in Petroleum Geology Spring 2017
GEOV360 Sedimentology and Facies Analysis Spring 2017
GEOV367 Hydrocarbon Exploration and CO2 Storage Spring 2017
HTEK101 Introduction to Ocean Environment Autumn 2017
INF100 Introduction to Programming Methodology (Programming 1) Autumn 2017
INF101 Program Development Methodologies (Programming 2) Spring 2017
INF102 Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming Autumn 2017
INF109 Computer Programming for Science Spring 2017
INF109 Computer Programming for Science Autumn 2017
INF112 Software Engineering Spring 2017
INF122 Functional Programming Autumn 2017
INF142 Computer Networks Spring 2017
INF143 Security in Distributed Systems Autumn 2017
INF144 Information theory Spring 2017
INF170 Modelling and Optimization Autumn 2017
INF214 Concurrent programming Autumn 2017
INF222 Programming Languages Spring 2017
INF226 Software Security Autumn 2017
INF227 Introduction to Logic Spring 2017
INF234 Algorithms Autumn 2017
INF236 Parallel Programming Spring 2017
INF240 Basic Codes Autumn 2017
INF246 Information Network Spring 2017
INF247 Cryptology Spring 2017
INF250 Foundations of data-oriented visual computing Spring 2017
INF251 Computer Graphics Autumn 2017
INF270 Linear Programming Autumn 2017
INF281 Basics of bioinformatics sequence analysis Spring 2017
INF283 Introduction to Machine Learning Autumn 2017
INF285 Genomics and transcriptomics Autumn 2017
INF334 Advanced Algorithmic Techniques Autumn 2017
INF339 Selected Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Autumn 2017
KJEM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis Autumn 2017
KJEM210 Chemical Thermodynamics Autumn 2017
KJEM221 Quantum Mechanics Autumn 2017
MAT101 Elementary Calculus I Autumn 2017
MAT101 Elementary Calculus I Spring 2017
MAT102 Elementary Calculus II Spring 2017
MAT111 Calculus I Autumn 2017
MAT112 Calculus II Spring 2017
MAT121 Linear Algebra Spring 2017
MAT131 Differential Equations I Spring 2017
MAT211 Real Analysis Autumn 2017
MAT212 Functions of Several Variables Autumn 2017
MAT213 Functions of a Complex Variable Spring 2017
MAT215 Theory of Measure and Integration Spring 2017
MAT220 Algebra Spring 2017
MAT221 Discrete Mathematics Autumn 2017
MAT234 Partial Differential Equations Autumn 2017
MAT252 Continuum Mechanics Spring 2017
MAT330 Topics in Applied and Computational Mathematics Autumn 2017
MAT360 Finite Element Methods and Domain Decomposition Autumn 2017
MATDID210 Mathematics Education 1 Autumn 2017
MATDID210-P Mathematics Education 1 Autumn 2017
MNF130 Discrete Structures Spring 2017
MOL100 Introduction to Molecular Biology Spring 2017
MTEK100 Medical technology in practice Autumn 2017
NATDID210-P Learning in science Autumn 2017
PHYS114 Basic Measurement Science and Experimental Physics Spring 2017
PTEK213 Reservoir Technology II Autumn 2017
STAT101 Elementary Statistics Autumn 2017
STAT110 Basic Course in Statistics Autumn 2017
STAT111 Statistical Methods Spring 2017
STAT201 Generalised Linear Models Autumn 2017

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