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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

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GEOV101 Introduction to Geology Spring 2017
GEOV102 Excursions and Practicals in Geology Spring 2017
GEOV103 Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrography Autumn 2017
GEOV104 Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics Spring 2017
GEOV105 Introduction in Historical Geology and Paleontology Autumn 2017
GEOV107 Introduction to Sedimentology Autumn 2017
GEOV110 Introduction to Marine and Terrestrial Quaternary Geology Autumn 2017
GEOV111 Geophysical Methods Spring 2017
GEOV112 Physics of the Solid Earth Autumn 2017
GEOV113 Seismic Reflection Data: Acquisition and Processing Autumn 2017
GEOV210 Plate Tectonics Autumn 2017
GEOV217 Geohazards Autumn 2017
GEOV221 Karst Geology and Karst Hydrology Autumn 2017
GEOV222 Palaeoclimatology Autumn 2017
GEOV231 Marine Geological Field-and Laboratory Course Spring 2017
GEOV241 Microscopy Autumn 2017
GEOV242 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Spring 2017
GEOV243 Aquatic Geochemistry Autumn 2017
GEOV244 Principles in Geobiology Spring 2017
GEOV245 Geomicrobiology Autumn 2017
GEOV251 Advanced Structural Geology Autumn 2017
GEOV252 Field Course in Geological Mapping Spring 2017
GEOV254 Geodynamics and Basin Modelling Autumn 2017
GEOV255 Seismotectonics Spring 2017
GEOV260 Petroleum Geology Spring 2017
GEOV272 Seismic Interpretation Spring 2017
GEOV272 Seismic Interpretation Autumn 2017
GEOV301 Geostatistics Spring 2017
GEOV322 Master Level Field Excursion in Quaternary Geology Spring 2017
GEOV326 Quaternary environments, processes and development Spring 2017
GEOV331 Palaeoceanography Spring 2017
GEOV352 Field Methods in Petroleum Geology Spring 2017
GEOV355 Applied Seismology Autumn 2017
GEOV360 Sedimentology and Facies Analysis Spring 2017
GEOV361 Sequence Stratigraphy Autumn 2017
GEOV367 Hydrocarbon Exploration and CO2 Storage Spring 2017
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