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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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Courses View periodic evaluation
(every 3 years)
BMED330 Cell Communication and Intracellular Signaling Spring 2023
BMED331 Tumour Biology Spring 2023
BMED340 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Spring 2023
ELMED207 Maritime Medicine
ELMED212 Fjellmedisin Spring 2023
ELMED214 Anaesthesia for surgical Patients - An Introduction Spring 2023
ELMED219 Artificial intelligence and computational medicine Spring 2023
ELMED220 Excercise is medicine
ELMED223-A Innovation and entrepreneurship
ELMED301 Practical ophthalmology Spring 2023
ELMED304 Fordypningskurs i patologi Spring 2023
ELMED311 Global tuberculosis epidemiology and intervention Spring 2023
ELMED312 Primary care emergency medicine Spring 2023
ELMED322 Clinical abdominal ultrasound Spring 2023
FARM260 Molecular Cell Biology Spring 2023
FARM301A Methods in Pharmaceutical Research
HEKVAL620 Quality Improvement in Health Care
INTH321A Experimental Epidemiology
INTH323O Qualitative research methods for global public health - Online
INTH344 Migration and health
INTH360A Global Nutrition
MED2 Second Semester Medicine Spring 2023
MEDOD2 Second Semester Medicine and Dentistry Spring 2023
NUCLI352 Medical nutritional therapy for child and youth
NUCLI356 Clinical internship in secondary health care
NUCLI390A Master´s Thesis in Clinical Nutrition - research proposal
NUTR100 Introduction to nutrition
NUTR204 Nutrition physiology micro nutrients
NUTR247 Introduction to medcial nutrition theraphy
NUTR290 Bachelor thesis
NUTR333A Human Nutrition A
OD1INTRO Introduksjonskurs i odontologiske fag
OD1ORBI Oral Biology part 1 Spring 2023
OD2KARIO Clinical skills course 1 Cariology
OD2ORBI Oral Biology part 2 Spring 2023
OD2RØNT Oral and maxillofacial radiology
OD3ALM Comprehensive Dentistry
OD3END-K4 Endodontic
OD3ENDO Clinical Skills Course, Endodontics
OD3KARIO Cariology
OD3PED-K5 Pediatric Dentistry
OD3PRO-K4 Prosthetics
OD3PROSJ Comprehensive Dentistry
OD3PROT Prosthodontic preclinical skills course Spring 2023
TPBAFOR-K1 Preventive Dental Care - Clinical Course
TPBAFOR-K2 Preventive Dental Care - Clinical Course
TPBAFOR-K3 Preventive Dental Care - Clinical Course
TPBAFYS Physiology and Nutrition Spring 2023
TPBAKAR/END Cariology and Endodontology
TPBAMIKR Microbiology and Hygienics
TPBAPAT Pathology
TPBAPRO/GER Prosthodontics and gerodontology
TPBAPROSJ Final Year Project
TPBASAM Socialodontology
TPBAANA Anatomy: Dental Anatomy and General Anatomy Spring 2023
Programmes View periodic evaluation
(every 5 years)
PRMEDISIN Cand.med.-degree programme Peer review - Spring 2023
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