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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

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AIKI100 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
AIKI110 Artificial agents Spring 2022
AORG100A Introduction to Administration and Organization Theory and Approaches to Social Sciences Autumn 2022
AORG100A Introduction to Administration and Organization Theory and Approaches to Social Sciences
AORG100B Introduction to Administration and Organization Theory Autumn 2022
AORG100B Introduction to Administration and Organization Theory
AORG101 Organization Theory
AORG101 Organization Theory Spring 2022
AORG103 Politics and Administration Autumn 2022
AORG104 Political Theory and Democratic Governance Spring 2022
AORG107 EU and International Organisations Autumn 2022
AORG107 EU and International Organisations
AORG108 Systems of Governance and the Global Challenges of Energy and Climate Spring 2022
AORG109 Systems of Governance and the Global Challenges of Energy and Climate Spring 2022
AORG320A Organization Theory
AORG320B Organization Theory
AORG322A Public Policy
AORG322B Public Policy
AORG323A Qualitative Methods
AORG323B Qualitative Methods
AORG908 Effects of Lawfare: Courts and law as battlegrounds for social change
DATA110 Introduction to Programming
DATA120 Data Bases
DATA130 Structured Data
DATA140 Raw Data
DATA150 Datasets
DIDAMEVI2 The Didactics of Media Studies 2
DIDASAK1 Didactics, Social Education 1
DIDASAK2 Didactics, Social Education 2
DIDASAK3 Social Studies Didactics 3
DIGI115 Data and Democracy
GEO100 Introduction to Geography: Global Challenges and Local Responses Autumn 2022
GEO110 Cartography and Thematic Maps
GEO113 Climate, Oceanography and Biogeography Autumn 2022
GEO125 Economic Globalisation, Production Systems and Environment
GEO131 Food, Environment and Sustainable Development
GEO215 Geographical Information Systems: Theory and Practice
GEO217 Hydrology, Ground Water and Geohazards
GEO260 Practice in geography
GEO281 Environmental Management and Planning Autumn 2022
GEO291 Field Course in Physical Geography Spring 2022
GEO306 Methods in Human Geography Spring 2022
GEO308 Theory of Science and Research Design for Geographers Autumn 2022
GEO310 Writing Course and Project Description
GEO313 Field and Laboratory Methods in Physical Geography
GEO328 Planning and Society
GEO330 Theories of Sustainable Land Use
INFO100 Introduction to Information Science
INFO104 Formal Methods in Information Science
INFO110 Information Systems Spring 2022
INFO125 Data Management
INFO132 Introduction to Programming Autumn 2022
INFO135 Advanced Programming
INFO180 Methods in Artificial Intelligence
INFO212 System Development Autumn 2022
INFO215 Web Science Spring 2022
INFO216 Knowledge Graphs
INFO263 Interaction Design and Prototyping
INFO282 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
INFO284 Machine Learning
INFO300 Research Project Design for Information Science
INFO319 Research Topics in Big Data Autumn 2022
INFO345 Research Topics in Recommender Systems
INFO361 Research Topics in Human-Computer Interaction Autumn 2022
INFO382 Logic for Multi-agent Systems Spring 2022
INFO384 Blockchain technology and formal methods
INFO901 Introduction to AI Ethics
JOU100 Introduction to journalism Autumn 2022
JOU102 Methods and Tools in Journalism
JOU103 Journalism Formats
JOU201 Journalism Practice Spring 2022
JOU204 Data journalism Autumn 2022
JOU250 Bachelor's Thesis
KOGVIT101 Introduction to the Cognitive Sciences
MAN301 Introduction to Scriptwriting for Series
MAN302 In-depth Studies in Scriptwriting for Series Spring 2022
MET102 Methods in the Social Sciences Spring 2022
MET900 Qualitative Digital Methods for Social Scientists
MEVI102 Media use: Theories and methods Spring 2022
MEVI103 Media Aesthetics - Interpretation and Analysis Autumn 2022
MEVI104 Rhetoric and strategic communication Spring 2022
MEVI111 Norwegian Media in a Comparative Perspective
MEVI221 Media Institutions: Market and Democracy Spring 2022
MEVI221B Media Institutions: Market and Democracy - Bachelor Thesis Spring 2022
MEVI222 Media Use: Identity and society
MEVI222B Media Use: Identity and society - Bachelor thesis
MEVI223 Media Aesthetics - History and Theory Spring 2022
MEVI223B Media Aesthetics - History and Theory - Bachelor Thesis Spring 2022
MEVI224 Media Technology and Society
MEVI224B Media Technology and Society - Bachelor Thesis
MEVI302 Advanced analysis of media use Autumn 2022
MEVI303 Media Aesthetics Autumn 2022
MEVI304 Strategic Communication Autumn 2022
MEVI310-6 Research experience and methods: Rhetoric and credibility in the COVID-19-crisis
MEVI310-7 Media and Celebrity Culture
MEVI340 Research Project Design
MEVI390 Supervised Professional Training for Media Students
MEVI904 Understanding media experience: Ethnographic methods and conceptual debates
MEVI905 Towards a counter-hegemonic bottom-up creation of concepts
MEVIX100 Introduction to Media and Communication
MIX100 Introduction in media and interaction design
MIX114 Web Development
MIX202 Design for Media Use Spring 2022
MIX301 Media Technology: Theory and Development
SAKDI101 Didactics, Social Education 1 Autumn 2022
SAKDI111 Didactics, Social Education 2 Autumn 2022
SAMPOL100 Introduction to Comparative Politics Autumn 2022
SAMPOL103 Political ideologies Autumn 2022
SAMPOL115 Democracy and Democratization Autumn 2022
SAMPOL903 Advanced Quantitative Text Analysis
SAMPOL904 Panel and Pooled Data Analysis
SANT100 Invitation to Social Anthropology
SANT102 Social Life in a Global Perspective
SANT104 Culture, Meaning and Communication Autumn 2022
SANT150 Academic writing, methods and theory: Anthropological approaches
SANT215 Comparative Regional Ethnography
SANT260 Bachelor's Assignment Spring 2022
SDG900 PhD for Innovation. Interdisciplinary course from systems thinking through creative problem-solving to R&D management
SOS100A Introduction to Sociology with Specialization Autumn 2022
SOS100B Introduction to Sociology Autumn 2022
SOS101 Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOS103 Social Structure and Social Change Autumn 2022
SOS103-L Social Structure and Social Change Autumn 2022
SOS113 Welfare and Inequality
SOS113-L Welfare and Inequality
SOS116 Class, Stratification and Social Mobility Spring 2022
SOS118 Should I stay or should I go? Re-thinking mobilities in sociological perspective Spring 2022
SOS119 Global Cities: An Introduction to Urban Sociology for the 21st Century
SOS201 Sociological Research: Theory and Methods
SOS202 Bachelor Essay in Sociology Spring 2022
SOS202 Bachelor Essay in Sociology
SOS202-L Bachelor Essay in Sociology Spring 2022
SOS202-L Bachelor Essay in Sociology
SOS301 Sociological Analysis
SOS302 Sociological Theory Traditions
SOS303 Methods - Statistical Analysis
SOS304 Method - Qualitative Adaptions Autumn 2022
SOS320 Welfare, Inequality and Life-Course
SOS321 Migration, Integration and Mobility
SOS322 Work, Class and Education
SOS340 Master's Thesis Seminar Spring 2022
TVP100 Introduction to tv-production Autumn 2022
TVP102 The Visual Language
TVP104 Documentary productions Spring 2022
TVP104 Documentary productions
TVP261 Practice period
UJO301 The Foundation of Investigative Journalism
UJO304 Project Design
UJO660 From Idea to Publishing
UJO664 Data journalism, big data and digital tools
VITSV900 Philosophy and Ethics of Social Sciences
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