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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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DIDAPSYK1 Didactics of Psychology, 1st semester Autumn 2019
DIDAPSYK1B Subject Didactics in Psychology Autumn 2019
GLODE301 Critical approaches to Development Autumn 2019
GLODE305 Gender Analysis in Global Development - Core perspectives and Issues Spring 2019
HABA301 Vitenskapsteori og metode Autumn 2019
HEFR341 Planlegging, implementering og evaluering i helsefremmende arbeid Spring 2019
MAPSYK301 Perspectives in Psychological Science Autumn 2019
MAPSYK303 Anvendt sosial og kognitiv psykologi: Menneskelige faktorer i kritiske situasjoner og kulturelt mangfold i samf. og arb. Autumn 2019
MAPSYK321 Organizational and leader development Autumn 2019
MAPSYK330 Master's Thesis in Psychology Spring 2019
MAPSYK345 Master's Thesis in Work and Organisational Psychology Spring 2019
MAPSYK360 Master's Thesis in Psychology Autumn 2019
PED112 Pedagogical Perspectives on Learning Autumn 2019
PROPSY305 Cognitive Psychology Spring 2019
PROPSY305 Cognitive Psychology Autumn 2019
PROPSY307 School and Educational Psychology Spring 2019
PROPSY307 School and Educational Psychology Autumn 2019
PROPSY309 Social Psychology Spring 2019
PROPSY309 Social Psychology Autumn 2019
PROPSY311C The psychologist as a leader Spring 2019
PROPSY311C The psychologist as a leader Autumn 2019
PROPSY315 Community Psychology Spring 2019
PROPSY315 Community Psychology Autumn 2019
PSYK106 Personnel Psychology Spring 2019
PSYK201 Bachelor's Thesis in Work and Organizational Psychology Spring 2019
PSYK202 Methods Spring 2019
PSYK208 Affect and Cognition Autumn 2019
PSYK250 Bachelor's Thesis - General Psychology Spring 2019
SPED100 Introduction to special education Autumn 2019
SPED102 Observation and intervention in special educational practice

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