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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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(every 3 years)
DATA110 Introduction to Programming
INFO104 Formal Methods in Information Science
INFO110 Information Systems
INFO135 Advanced Programming Spring 2021
INFO215 Web Science
INFO216 Knowledge Graphs Spring 2021
INFO263 Interaction Design and Prototyping Spring 2021
INFO284 Machine Learning
INFO300 Research Project Design for Information Science
INFO323 Data Architectures for Information Retrieval and Web Intelligence
INFO383 Research Topics in AI Ethics
JOU102 Methods and Tools in Journalism Spring 2021
JOU201 Journalism Practice
JOU250 Bachelor's Thesis
MAN302 In-depth Studies in Scriptwriting for Series
MAN350 Industry Placement and Master Thesis
MET102 Methods in the Social Sciences Spring 2021
MEVI102 Media use: Theories and methods
MEVI104 Rhetoric and strategic communication
MEVI221 Media Institutions: Market and Democracy
MEVI221B Media Institutions: Market and Democracy - Bachelor Thesis
MEVI223 Media Aesthetics - History and Theory
MEVI223B Media Aesthetics - History and Theory - Bachelor Thesis
MEVI310-5 Research experience and methods: Digital disconnection Spring 2021
MEVI310-6 Research experience and methods: Rhetoric and credibility in the COVID-19-crisis Spring 2021
MEVI340 Research Project Design
MEVI390 Supervised Professional Training for Media Students Spring 2021
MIX114 Web Development Spring 2021
MIX202 Design for Media Use
MIX302 Research Design and Field Studies Spring 2021
MIX350 Master's Thesis in Interaction and Media Design
TVP102 The Visual Language Spring 2021
TVP104 Concept and Idea Development II
UJO304 Project Design
UJO350 Master's Thesis in Investigative Journalism Spring 2021

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