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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

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Department of Physics and Technology Spring 2022
Courses View periodic evaluation
(every 3 years)
BINF100 Introduction to bioinformatics
BINF301 Genome-scale algorithms
BIO216 Toxicology Spring 2022
BIODID220 Biology Education Spring 2022
BIODID220-P Biology Education Spring 2022
DIGI112 ICT-security
ENERGI102 Life cycle analysis Spring 2022
ENERGI102 Life cycle analysis
FARM110 Chemistry and Energy Spring 2022
FARM110 Chemistry and Energy
FARM130 Organic Chemistry Spring 2022
FARM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis
FARM250 Analytical Chemistry
HTEK101 Introduction to Ocean Environment
HTEK102 Practical Training in Ocean Technology
HTEK102 Practical Training in Ocean Technology
HTEK201 Measurement Technology
HTEK201 Measurement Technology
HTEK202 Laboratory course in measurement technology and instrumentation
HTEK202 Laboratory course in measurement technology and instrumentation
HTEK301 Selected Topics in Ocean Technology
INF100 Introduction to programming
INF101 Object-oriented programming
INF115 Databases and modelling
INF142 Computer Networks
INF143A Applied Cryptography
INF223 Category Theory
INF227 Introduction to Logic
INF235 Complexity Theory
INF236 Parallel Programming
INF237 Algorithms Engineering
INF240A Basic Tools for Coding theory and Cryptography
INF243 Algebraic Coding
INF247 Introduction to Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Ciphers
INF250 Foundations of data-oriented visual computing
INF252 Visualization
INF253 Visual Data Science
INF265 Deep Learning
INF271 Combinatorial Optimization
INF273 Meta- Heuristics
INF328 Elements of Programming Languages
INF329 Selected Topics in Programming Theory
INF339 Selected Topics in Algorithms and Complexity
INF367A Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence II
INF368 Selected Topics in Machine Learning
KJEM110 Chemistry and Energy Spring 2022
KJEM110 Chemistry and Energy
KJEM120 Chemistry of the Elements
KJEM123 Experimental inorganic chemistry
KJEM130 Organic Chemistry Spring 2022
KJEM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis
KJEM140 Molecular Physical Chemistry Spring 2022
KJEM202 Environmental Chemistry Spring 2022
KJEM210 Chemical Thermodynamics
KJEM214 Surface and Colloid Chemistry
KJEM220 Molecular Modelling
KJEM232 Experimental Organic Synthesis
KJEM243 Organometallic Catalysis
KJEM250 Analytical Chemistry
KJEM260 Radiochemistry and Radioactivity
KJEM298 Bachelor's Project in Chemistry Spring 2022
KJEM299 Bachelor's Project in Chemistry Spring 2022
KJEM350 Quantitative organic analysis
KJEM351 NMR-Spectroscopy
MNF130 Discrete Structures
MOL222 Experimental Molecular Biology II Spring 2022
MOL232 Innovation in industrial biotechnology Spring 2022
MOL310 Structural Molecular Biology Spring 2022
MOL320 Biophysical methods for molecular biologists Spring 2022
MTEK100 Medical technology in practice
MTEK200 Practical Training in Medical Technology Spring 2022
MTEK200 Practical Training in Medical Technology
MTEK320 Flow chemistry and technology
NANO244 Material- and nanochemistry
NANO300 Seminar in Nanoscience
NATDID211 Quality in teaching science
NATDID212-P Science education - teaching quality in theory and practice Spring 2022
PHYS102 Basic Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics Spring 2022
PHYS111 Mechanics 1 Spring 2022
PHYS114 Basic Measurement Science and Experimental Physics Spring 2022
PHYS118 Modern physics I Spring 2022
PHYS201 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS204 Classical Mechanics and Spesial Relativity Spring 2022
PHYS212 Physics of Medical Imaging
PHYS231 Physics of Radiation
PHYS251 Near Earth Space
PHYS264 Atmospheric and Marine Optics
PHYS291 Data Handling in Physics
PHYS321 Design av komplekse elektroniske system
PHYS342 Quantum Field Theory
PHYSDID220 Teaching and learning in Physics
PHYSDID220-P Teaching and learning in Physics
Programmes View periodic evaluation
(every 5 years)
BAMN-PHYS Bachelor's Programme in Physics

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