Programmes: MAMN-LÆRE Integrated Teacher Programme with Master in Science or Mathematics

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Courses Periodical evaluation - course (every 3 years)
BIO100 Introduction to Evolution and Ecology Autumn 2017
BIO101 Organismal Biology 1
BIO102 Organismal Biology 2
BIO103 Cell Biology and Genetics
BIO104 Comparative Physiology
BIO399K Master's Thesis in Biology
BIODID220 Biology Education
GEOF100 Introduction to Autumn 2017
GEOV101 Introduction to Geology Spring 2017
GEOV102 Excursions and Practicals in Geology Spring 2017
GEOV103 Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrography Autumn 2017
GEOV104 Introduction to Structural Geology and Tectonics Spring 2017
GEOV111 Geophysical Methods Spring 2017
GEOV399K Master's Thesis in Geoscience
KJEM110 Chemistry and Energy Autumn 2017
KJEM120 Chemistry of the Elements Autumn 2017
KJEM123 Experimental inorganic chemistry
KJEM130 Organic Chemistry
KJEM131 Organic Synthesis and Analysis Autumn 2017
KJEM202 Environmental Chemistry
KJEM210 Chemical Thermodynamics Autumn 2017
KJEM250 Analytical Chemistry
KJEM399K Master's Thesis in Chemistry
KJEMDID220 Chemistry Education
KOPRA101 The school and the teacher's role - practicum
KOPRA102 Læringsprosesser
KOPRA103 Planlegging og evaluering av undervisning
LAPRA101 Practical Teaching Experience 1 Autumn 2017
MAT111 Calculus I Autumn 2017
MAT112 Calculus II Spring 2017
MAT121 Linear Algebra Spring 2017
MAT131 Differential Equations I Spring 2017
MAT212 Functions of Several Variables Autumn 2017
MAT221 Discrete Mathematics Autumn 2017
MATDID210 Mathematics Education 1 Autumn 2017
MATDID220 Mathematics Education 2
MNF201 Science in today's world
MOL100 Introduction to Molecular Biology Spring 2017
NATDID210 Learning in science
NATDID211 Quality in teaching science
NATDID220 Science Education
PEDA120 The school and the teacher's role
PEDA121 Different Paths to Learning
PEDA122 Teacher profession, school and society
PHYS101 Basic Course in Mechanics and Thermodynamics
PHYS102 Basic Course in Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics
PHYS111 Mechanics 1
PHYS112 Electromagnetism and Optics
PHYS113 Mechanics 2 and Thermodynamics
PHYS114 Basic Measurement Science and Experimental Physics Spring 2017
PHYS118 Modern physics I
PHYS399K Master's Thesis in Physics
PHYSDID220 Teaching and learning in Physics
STAT110 Basic Course in Statistics Autumn 2017
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