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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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Courses View periodic evaluation
(every 3 years)
BMED325 Cellular Biochemistry and Nanobiochemistry Autumn 2019
BMED330 Cell Communication and Intracellular Signaling Spring 2019
BMED331 Tumour Biology Spring 2019
BMED340 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Spring 2019
BMED350 Circulatory Physiology Spring 2019
BMED360 In Vivo Imaging and Physiological Modelling Spring 2019
BMED380 Seminar Series Spring 2019
BMED381 Biomedical Nutrition Physiology Spring 2019
ELMED207 Maritime Medicine Spring 2019
ELMED219 Artificial intelligence and computational medicine Spring 2019
ELMED222 History of psychiatry Spring 2019
ELMED224 Biomedical Nutrition Physiology Spring 2019
ELMED225 The history of infectious disease medicine Spring 2019
ELMED312 Primary care emergency medicine Spring 2019
FARM150 Biochemistry Autumn 2019
FARM260 Molecular Cell Biology Spring 2019
FARM280 Human Physiology Autumn 2019
HEKVAL620 Quality Improvement in Health Care Spring 2019
HUIMM307 Basic Course in Flow Cytometry Spring 2019
INTH315 Methods in Global Health Research Autumn 2019
INTH321A Experimental Epidemiology Spring 2019
INTH328B Global tuberculosis - Epidemiology and intervention Spring 2019
INTH356 Observational Epidemiology: Survey, Cohort and Case-Control Studies Spring 2019
INTH360 Global Nutrition Spring 2019
KVALI-PROG Final examination for The Qualification Program for dentists educated outside the EU/EEC area
MED10-1 Tenth Semester Medicine Spring 2019
MED11 Eleventh Semester Medicine Spring 2019
MED2 Second Semester Medicine Spring 2019
MED4 Fourth semester medicine Spring 2019
MED5 Fifth Semester Medicine Autumn 2019
MED8 Eighth Semester Medicine Spring 2019
MEDOD1 First semester Medicine and Dentistry Autumn 2019
MEDOD2 Second semester medicine and dentistry Spring 2019
MEDSTA Medical Statistics Spring 2019
NOM Medical Nomenclature Autumn 2019
NUTRANA Human Anatomy Autumn 2019
NUTRFYS Human Physiology Autumn 2019
OD1FYS Human Physiology Autumn 2019
OD1ORBI1 Oral Biology part 1 Spring 2019
OD1ORBI2 Oral Biology part 2 Spring 2019
OD3END-K3 Endodontic Spring 2019
OD3END-K4 Endodontic Spring 2019
OD3KOS-H5 Diseases of Oral and Maxiloofacial Hard and Soft Tissues Spring 2019
OD3PER-K4 Periodontology Spring 2019
OD3PRO-K3 Prosthetics Spring 2019
TPBAFERD Preventive Dental Care - Propaedeutic Course Autumn 2019
TPBAFOB Odontophobia Spring 2019
TPBAFYS Physiology and Nutrition Spring 2019
TPBAKAR/END Cariology and Endodontology Spring 2019
TPBAKBK Chemistry and Biochemistry Autumn 2019
TPBAMAT Dental Biomaterials Spring 2019
TPBASAM Socialodontology Spring 2019
TPBAANA Anatomy: Dental Anatomy and General Anatomy Spring 2019
TVEPS Interprofessional learning Spring 2019
Programmes View periodic evaluation
(every 5 years)
PRMEDISIN Cand.med.-degree programme Programme auditor report 2019 - Autumn 2019

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