Programmes: MASV-LÆSF Master's Programme in Sociology - Teacher Education

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Courses Periodical evaluation - course (every 3 years)
ENG107 English Grammar II
ENG122 American Literature and Culture
ENG125 British Literature and Culture
ENGDI101 English Didactics in Teacher Education
FRAN120 French Grammar 1
FRAN121 French Grammar 2
FRAN122 Introduction to French Literature
FRAN123 French Literary Analysis
FRAN124 French and Francophone Culture
FRANDI101 French Didactics in Teacher Education 1
HIDID111 History Didactics
HIS101 Survey of Pre-Modern History to 1750
HIS102 Survey of Modern History from 1750 Spring 2022
HIS120 Specialization Essay in History
HIS250L Bachelor Essay in History
KOPRA101 The school and the teacher's role - practicum
KOPRA102 Learning processes
KOPRA103 Planning and evaluation of teaching
LAPRA101 Practical Teaching Experience 1
LAPRA102 Practical Teaching Experience 2
MET102 Methods in the Social Sciences Spring 2022
NODI101 Subject Related Didactics of Nordic Languages and Literature
NOLI102 Nordic Literature: Literature after 1900
NOLI103-L Nordic Literature: Literature up to 1900 for Integrated Teacher Programme
NOSP105 Nordic Languages: Language History and Dialects
NOSPAN101 Modern Norwegian Spring 2022
PEDA120 The teacher and the pupils
PEDA121 The teacher in the classroom
PEDA122 The school in the society
PEDA123 The teacher's professional development
RELDI111 Didactics of the Study of Religions (for Upper Secondary School)
RELV101 What is the Study of Religion?
RELV102 Christianity, Judaism and Islam
RELV103L Hinduism and Buddhism - Teacher's Education Programme
RELV105 The Older Religions of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Areas, Old Norse and Sami Religions
RELVI250L Bachelor's Assignment in the Systematic Study of Religion - Teacher's Education Programme
SAKDI101 Didactics, Social Education 1 Autumn 2022
SAKDI111 Didactics, Social Education 2 Autumn 2022
SOS100B Introduction to Sociology Autumn 2022
SOS101 Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOS103-L Social Structure and Social Change Autumn 2022
SOS201 Sociological Research: Theory and Methods
SOS302 Sociological Theory Traditions
SOS303 Methods - Statistical Analysis
SOS304 Method - Qualitative Adaptions Autumn 2022
SOS360 Master's Thesis
SPANDI101 Spanish Didactics in Teacher Education 1
SPLA107 Spanish Grammar I
SPLA108 Latin American Literature and culture I
SPLA109 Latin American History
SPLA117 Spanish II
SPLA119 Culture and Society in Latin America
SPLA257 Advanced Studies in Latin American Varieties of Spanish Grammar with Bachelor's Thesis
TYS105 German Language 1
TYS106 German Culture
TYS107 German Language and Literacy Studies
TYS115 German Language II
TYS116 German Literature
TYSDI101 German Didactics in Teacher Education 1
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