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"Quality Assurance Reports" is UiBs archive of documents concerning quality in studies and education. The database contains annual education reports from all instutional levels, course- and programme evaluations and other relevant documents.

Documents related to organizational units, courses and programs are listed below.

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BAKU 4 Bachelor Fine Art, 4. semester Spring 2021
KDDI201 Kunst- og designdidaktikk 1
KDDI202 Kunst- og designdidaktikk 2
KDPRA210 Praksis for Praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning, kunst og design (heltid)
KDPRA211 Praksis for Praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning, kunst og design (deltid)
KMDPED201 Pedagogy 1
MUF101 Music, Culture and Society
MUG105 Music in World Cultures
MUG107 Music Theory I
MUG112 Music Theory Specialization
MUG117 Theory of Music - History of Music
MUG119 Examen Facultatum, Academic Writing for the Bachelor programme in performance or compositions
MUG144 Main Subject Composition 1
MUG145 Main Subject Composition 2
MUG150 Supporting Discipline to Principle Study - Notation Based Piano for Functional Use
MUTP105 Ensembles in Music Therapy Groups
MUTP202 Community Music Therapy
MUTP205 Introduction to Music Therapy Practice
MUTP206 Music Therapy Theory Development
MUTP302 Improvisational Music Therapy
MUTP303 The Music Therapy Profession in Theory and Practice
MUTP305 Musikkterapi i helsesektoren I
MUTP306 Musikkterapi i helsesektoren II
MUTP312 Music Therapy Research Methods
MUV211 Ensemble Conducting
MUV214 Ensemble I
MUV215 Ensemble II
MUV227 Second Instrument A
MUV228 Second Instrument B
MUV229 Second Instrument Advancement Course
MUV243 Music and Drama
MUV245 Music and Drama Advancement Course
MUV246 Early Music, Ensemble I
MUV247 Early Music, Ensemble II
MUV276 Arranging/Instrumentation
MUV277 Counterpoint/Figured Bass
MUV294 Main Study Composition 3
MUV295 Main Study Composition 4
MUV315 Specialized Subject I for Composers
MUV316 Specialized Subject II for Composers
MVK101 Music Production
MVK250 Bachelor Thesis in Musicology Spring 2021

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