Programmes: MAMN-AKTUA Integrated Master's Programme in Actuarial Science

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Courses Periodical evaluation - course (every 3 years)
AKTUA399 Master's thesis in Actuarial Science
ECON130 Macroeconomics I
INF100 Introduction to Programming Methodology (Programming 1) Autumn 2017
MAT111 Calculus I Autumn 2017
MAT112 Calculus II Spring 2017
MAT121 Linear Algebra Spring 2017
MAT131 Differential Equations I Spring 2017
MAT160 Scientific Computing 1
MAT212 Functions of Several Variables Autumn 2017
STAT110 Basic Course in Statistics Autumn 2017
STAT111 Statistical Methods Spring 2017
STAT201 Generalised Linear Models Autumn 2017
STAT210 Theory of Statistical Inference
STAT220 Stochastic Processes
STAT240 Theory of Finance
STAT292 Project in Statistics
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