Programmes: MAMN-BIO Master's Programme in Biology

Connected to courses (in 2017):

Courses Periodical evaluation - course (every 3 years)
BIO215 Microbiology
BIO216 Toxicology
BIO217 Microbial Ecology
BIO218 Experimental Microbiology
BIO300A Biological Data Analysis and Research Design
BIO300B Biostatistics
BIO301 Current Topics in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology Spring 2017
BIO302 Biological Data Analysis II
BIO309 Marine flora
BIO318 Central Geobiological Themes
BIO325 Ocean Science
BIO336 Fish capture and capture based stock monitoring
BIO339 Ecosystem- and fisheries assessment models
BIO347 Global Change Ecology
BIO354 Vertebrates in Palaeoecology
BIO366 Practical Training in Science Dissemination
BIO370 Cell and Developmental Biology
BIO381 Fish Histopathology
BIO382 Aquatic Food Production
BIO399 Master's Thesis in Biology
LAS301 Animal Science Course
LAS303 Fish Science Course

Active from 2004

Periodic evaluation - programmes (every 5 years):

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